Independent Living Program Workshops & Special Events


The safety of youth and staff are Orangewood Foundation’s highest priority.  Due to State and Federal guidelines severely limiting the number of group events, we are unable to hold ILP Workshops until further notice. 

Once restrictions on groups of 20 or more are cleared, we hope to resume workshops, however, there will likely be restrictions in place. Restrictions may include (but not limited to):  a limited number of youth who can attend,  no childcare available/no babies allowed,  increased distance between tables/chairs etc. 

During this time we encourage all ILP eligible youth to complete take home activities (click here) in order to earn money in their ILP account. For credit, please email and include the following: Your first and last name, a photo of the assignment cover sheet, and a photo of your proof of completion.

As a reminder, if you need to make a purchase with your ILP funds, please put in a request (click here).

Thank you for your understanding. – The Orangewood ILP team


Registration opens the 25th of every month at 4:00pm

*Please note that you may register only the number of youth for the spots available, up to a maximum of 10 youth.

If a workshop is full, you are welcome to show up and put your name on a “stand-by” list. If registered youth do not show up, we will add youth from the stand-by list in order of arrival time. We cannot guarantee that any stand-bys will get in to a full workshop.

To view upcoming workshops, click on our Workshop Schedule.

For more details regarding each event, click the event on our calendar page. 

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