The Orangewood Foundation Mentor Program works to make a difference in your life by matching you with a caring adult mentor. You will be matched with an adult based on your hobbies, career interest, life goals, or other shared interests.  Mentors give you one-on-one support and encourage you through foster care and through critical periods in your life – while in high school, college or trade school, or as you transition out of the foster care system into a life on your own. If you would like to become a mentor and are over 24, click here.


What is a mentor?
A supportive adult who provides individualized, one-on-one guidance and encouragement.
How can a mentor help me?
A mentor can help you receive assistance with personal, educational and professional goals.
What types of things can I do with a mentor?
You may participate in fun activities such as movies, meals, hiking, sports, and get assistance with professional/personal goals.
Who is eligible for a mentor and what are the requirements?
Orange County Foster youth between the ages of 12-25 who reside in Orange County. The requirements are to meet with your mentor at least twice a month for a year or more.
How do I get a mentor?
Fill out an application and if you are a dependent, have your social worker or probation officer fill out a referral form. In addition, you may contact a Mentor Program Coordinator for more information.
Apply for a Mentor
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What they are saying...

  • “I love the fact that I can share my feelings with my mentor.
    I want her in my life forever.”

    – Alicia, former foster youth, age 19