The Orangewood Foundation Mentoring Service provides mentors to help make a difference in the lives of our youth. Youth will be matched with a supportive, trusted adult based on shared interests, hobbies, career goals, life goals, and preferences. Mentors provide one-on-one support and guidance to youth transitioning into adulthood. If you would like to become a mentor and are over 24, click here.


What is a mentor?
A supportive adult who provides individualized, one-on-one guidance and encouragement.
How can a mentor help me?
A mentor will provide support in guidance in achieving personal, professional, and educational goals as well as independent living skills.
What types of things can I do with a mentor?
You will participate in fun and engaging activities with your mentor such as shared meals, hiking, sports, cooking, arts and crafts, events, and work on goals.
Who is eligible for a mentor?
Youth ages 18+ who reside in Orange County.
What Are The Requirements
Mentees must commit to a minimum of 1 year of mentorship and meet in-person with their mentor 2 times per month.
Apply for a Mentor
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What they are saying...

  • “I am so glad I chose to be part of mentoring. My mentor has brought so much comfort and joy into my life and I’m not sure if she’s aware of how much of a difference she’s made in my life. Every time we meet up to hangout and chill or do something fun, I feel so relaxed and at home. Whenever we part our ways from hanging out for the evening, I am always inspired to be a more calm, patient and caring person. I really wish I would have met her sooner she is definitely someone I needed when I was younger and I’m so happy I got to meet her now! I believe everything happens for a reason and I know she was meant to be in my life for a reason!!! She is the most kind, thoughtful, gentle and comforting person to be put into my life and I believe she deserves the world and more. Two years down forever more to go!”

    – Marlene N.