Independent Living Program

If you are between the age of 16 and 21, and you are looking for ways to be better prepared for the challenges of emancipation and adulthood, the Independent Living Program (ILP) is for you! ILP provides workshops, special events and support services to help you prepare for emancipation. You’ll join over 600 current and former foster youth who attend ILP workshops and special events each year. Workshops focus in the 7 areas of Daily Living Skills, Education, Employment, Housing, Family/Social Support, Financial Responsibility and Health, and help prepare you to live on your own more confidently and better prepared for the challenges that adulthood brings.

Learn life skills while earning OCF dollars. Click here for workshop schedule and registration Read more
Case Management
One-on-one Assistance with emancipation planning including, but not limited to: housing, education and employment.
Drop by Monday-Thursday 11:00am – 3:00pm (Fridays by appointment only) to access your OCF Dollars or talk with an ILS. These hours are subject to change, so please call (714) 619-0200 before you come by.
ILP Take Home Activities
ILP take home activities let you earn OCF dollars and put your skills to the test! Complete specified activities in four areas: Career, Daily Living, Education and Relationships. Click here for the activities Read more
Special Events
Throughout the year there are several amazing special events. Click here for more information on the special events Read more
Peer Mentors
The Peer Mentor Program is an employment opportunity for former foster youth who have successfully transitioned into independence and want to serve as positive role models to other current or former foster youth. Click here for more information.