Rising Tide Communities

Rising Tide is an affordable and supportive transitional housing program for young adults (single or with children) who are at least 18 years of age and who have emancipated from the foster care system or are AB12 eligible. Our goal is to help you learn and experience the skills that are necessary to live independently.
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Flanders Pointe & Orange Tree
Young adults (single or with children) ages 18-24, who have emancipated from the foster care system or are AB12 eligible.. Read more
Tutors, assistance enrolling in college/trade school and individualized Education Success Plan for each resident
Individual assistance with job readiness and job retention
Personalized weekly case management meetings to help youth master budgeting, savings, establish credit history, eliminate debt, purchase a car in cash.
Casa de Rosemary
Casa de Rosemary is a transitional home for young mothers and their child. Read more
Last year our youth accomplished so much! Click here to read some of their accomplishments. Read more

What they are saying...

  • “Rising Tide has allowed me a chance to grow in a way no other could ever. They have showed me how to work for the things I need. I’ve been able to budget better with my income, start a savings for my car. Rising Tide just allows me to do so much I would have never been able to do on my own and is a perfect way to set a foundation for a path to success”

    – Marquise
  • “At Rising Tide I feel safe and loved. I’m growing as a mother and a woman. This could not have been done without the help of my support team which I created at Rising Tide. I love the way they all go over and beyond and they can relate to me. I have built my own little family. They teach everyone that they’re unique individuals and help you understand that there is a purpose and a reason behind things you do .This is a program where everyone can grow close and learn from each other. ”

    – Mary
  • “Rising Tide has helped me become a better person, to change my ways and I have learned to  become an independent adult. They have also helped to support me on my educational path and taught me about budgeting and finances.”

  • “Rising Tide has been the best opportunity for my daughter and I. The program really is shaping me into the best adult I can be and also into a great role model for my daughter.”

    – Alejandra
  • “The staff are raw and real when assessing our problems and strengths at the time of entrance into the program, and for the duration of the program they work relentlessly with us towards becoming the noble men and women we’ve envisioned ourselves to be”

    – Ally